Web-Based Training

Project Name: TTB Web-Based Training
Client: The Human Resources Division, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), U.S. Department of the Treasury
Audience: TTB General Schedule Employees
SME: Tim Nagode, Division Manager, SNAP, Inc.
My roles: Information architect, content and storyboard developer
Software: Mockingbird Storyboarding, Word, PowerPoint
Description: I was involved in the ideation and the design of two web-based training projects: Performance Management and Generational Awareness. For the first project, I followed usability and multimedia learning design principles to convert a cluttered, outdated, slides-based training to a concise and visually appealing web-based training. The second project is a soft-skill training. I designed a self-paced online exploratory learning environment in which learners can sequence their own learning with personalized guidance.